Mr. Colin Young

Mr. Colin Young joined Formedecon Ltd in 2005 as an expert in weaponary.  He has been an active martial artist since 1977 practising in several martial arts techniques. 

Colin’s expertise include sword/weapon based martial arts practices and techniques.  He has trained and taught to the highest level in his field of expertise.  He has a breadth of experience in martial arts as a whole, including short range combat e.g. throws and grappling techniques, longer range fighting techniques, punching and kicking as well as elements of armed combat and using and owning offensive weaponary. Colin has designed, implemented and taught instructors on a personal protection course since 2002 with Durham University.

Colin has worked with Formedecon Ltd since 2005 within our control & restraint department specialising in offensive weapons to give advice for both Civil and Criminal matters and attend Court of all levels.

If you wish to contact Colin to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email