Mr. Doug Boulton M.I.T.A.I, M.E.W.I, A.I.R.T.E

Mr. Doug Boulton began his career with Staffordshire Police Force and worked within the force for over 23 years before retiring in 1993.  Since his retirement he has worked as an independent Road Collision Consultant.  He joined Formedecon Ltd in 2000.

Whilst in the Police force, after carrying out normal duties for the first three years, Doug transferred to the Traffic Division. During this time as a patrol car driver and a patrol motor cyclist, he attended and dealt with numerous road accidents and traffic related incidents.  In 1981, Doug successfully attended his first Accident Investigation Course after which he performed relief duties at the force Accident Investigation Unit.  He then moved into the role on a full-time basis and remained there throughout the remainder of his service.

Doug’s role within this area required him to attend all fatal and potential fatal road traffic collisions that occured within the force area and ascertain their cause.  He has prepared hundreds of reports based upon investigations he carried out and attended as an expert witness in Courts up and down the Country.

If you wish to contact Doug to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email