Drugs & Toxicology

Do you need advice on the following:

Identification of Controlled Substances
Drug Valuations
Effects of Controlled drugs on driving ability
Behavioural effects of drugs
Drug use patterns
Examination of drug packaging and paraphernalia

Formedecon LTD has a highly respected profile in this discipline. Our experts have over 60 years combined experience and knowledge in Drugs and Toxicology. The team can examine drugs and paraphernalia associated with the production and distribution of illegal substances. We at Formedecon Ltd can offer a comprehensive service to provide reports on all aspects of drugs and medication usage, in all areas of defence, whether driving whilst allegedly being over the legal limit in motoring offences, in civil or criminal proceedings where a guardian is charged with being over the limit whist in charge of a minor and many other drug related offences. Given the Government limits for illegal drugs and the limits whilst driving a motor vehicle, many are not aware that there are also legal limits for prescription drugs whilst driving. We can test blood and urine samples for presence of drugs and alcohol. We can also cover all aspects of yield, value, usage, personal or otherwise, and paraphernalia, in fact all aspects of alcohol and drug related defenses. Cases we can assist with include driving under the influence, murders, sexual assaults, food and drink adulteration and suspicious deaths. We can also examine packing, wraps and alleged “Dealer Lists”.

The Drugs and Toxicology Team are Mr Stanley Porter, Mr Ian Parkinson and Mr Andrew Stephens.

Whatever your case, if it involves Drugs and Toxicology, we can almost certainly help so give us a call on 01388 811003 or drop us an email at formedecon@aol.com