Physical Fit & Trace Evidence

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Fibre Comparison
Glass, Paint, Soil & Hair Comparison

Footwear Impressions
Marks on Bodies

The team at Formedecon Ltd have over thirty years experience carrying out thousands of cases that have relied upon physical and trace evidence.

As evidence is left at a crime scene, many cases rely on the trace evidence found.  This can include fragments of glass, paint flakes, soil traces, fibres and even hair.  Our team are experienced and equipped to take their own samples or carry out comparisons using samples obtained by the Police and CSI. 

In addition to the physical fragments left, our team are experts in footwear and gel lift comparisons.  We have the expertise to take our own control lifts from scene aswell as working with lifts already obtained.  A forensic examination considers all factors such as the make & model of the shoes, size, pattern, wear characteristics and damage features.   

We also have experts on the team who are qualified to offer advice and expertise considering toolmarks that have been left by general tools such as crowbars, hammers and screwdrivers.  We can comment upon the forces required and obtain our test marks for comparison.   We can comment upon forced entry and implements used for access.  When a person is kicked or stamped the imprint of the upper or sole of the shoe may be left in bruising on the victim’s skin.  These impressions in bruising are often photographed by a Police CSI under different lighting conditions and filters.   Therefore, depending on the nature and detail of the mark in bruising, it may be possible to determine if a particular shoe could have made the mark on the body.   

The head of our team is Mr. Terence Napier.  He is joined by Dr. Phil Harrison, Dr. Peter Gregory & Mr Andrew Stephens.

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