Greg Waite BSc , MSc, CChem, MRSC, MFSSoc

Greg became a Master of Science in Forensic Science over twenty years ago.  He spent majority of his forensic science career working with the FSS before it disbanded and joined Formedecon Ltd in 2013. 

He was a senior forensic scientist in the Homicide and Major enquiry team (HMET) and has worked on many high profile murders and major incidents.  He received a Commendation from West Yorkshire Police for his work on a large series of armed robberies across four force regions.  His investigation into the deaths of the Spence sisters for Northumbria Police was used by the National Policing Improvement Agency as the basis for their protocol of Best Practice for the Investigation of Deaths involving Arson – Using a Multi-Agency Approach.  During his time at the Forensic Science Service, Wetherby Laboratory he acted as Lead for Case Assessment and Interpretation (CAI) and for the footwear evidence type.

Greg specialises in a wide range of evidence types including; Fire investigation, accelerant analysis, glass, fibres and footwear.

If you wish to contact Greg to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email