Mr. Michael Richard Armer FFS

Mr Armer began his Police career in 1964 as a trainee fingerprint officer, passing the fingerprint experts examination at New Scotland Yard in 1969.  He was promoted to Senior Fingerprint Officer in 1978 with responsibility of all the fingerprint work generated by Cumbria Constabulary who at that time contributed to the Lancashire Bureau.

In 1987 the Cumbria Police Authority decided to have their own Fingerprint Bureau and in September of that year Mike was appointed Chief Fingerprint Officer for Cumbria Police and was tasked with established a Fingerprint Bureau from scratch.  This was achieved ahead of schedule on the 1st January 1988 since which the Bureau has earned unrivalled success in terms of identification rates when compared to the 42 other forces in England and Wales.

On 1st January 1990, Mike was promoted to the Scientific Support Managers post, this position previously being held by a Detective Chief Inspector.  In this post, in addition to retaining responsibility for the Fingerprint Bureau, responsibility was undertaken for the following functions within Scientific Support;


Mike has worked with Formedcon Limited since 1998 as head of the Fingerprint Department.  He has carried out hundreds of fingerprint, palmprint and ear print examinations.  He has written hundreds of reports and statements for use in Courts of all levels and has conducted work all over the world. 

If you wish to contact Mike to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email