Photograph & CCTV Evidence

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CCTV footage enhancement
Photography & Still Images enhancement
Audio Enhancement
Line of Sight
Crime Scene location, measurement & Plans


CCTV footage
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) plays a major role these days in the prevention and detection of crime. It can also provide evidence of a defendants’ actions which may be crucial in supporting their innocence. We can enhance CCTV video footage in many ways without losing the integrity of the coverage.  We can adjust the colour balance to eliminate the orange glow of street lighting or other colour casts. Basic enhancements include, colour balance, sharpness, brightness and contrast adjustments.  It is possible to enlarge specific areas of the footage. Slowing down or speeding up of footage to match real time. We can accept CCTV from VHS tape or digital files. Conversion to & from DVD/VHS can be completed.


Photography & Still Images
We can extract still images from CCTV footage to show events frame by frame. The images can be enhanced and be presented in a photograph album and can be viewed along with the enhanced CCTV footage.  Photograph enhancement and analysis, restoration and digital photo compositing are also services we can offer.  Lines of sight can also be obtained from images.

We can enhance audio from analogue tapes or digital files. We can digitally enhance voices and sound from the audio and remove crackle and hiss noises, adjust pitches and reduce white noise.  Complete transcription of emergency calls, covert recordings or any kind of audio recordings can be prepared and presented.


Crime Scene locations, measuring and plans
Our expert can attend a scene of crime, take image, videos and measurements as required.  We offer a rapid response service and can attend most scenes within 72 hours.  Albums can be produced, plans and DVD’s of still or moving images. 

Our expert in this field is Mr. Howard Little ABIPP.

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