PID (Tags)

Do you need advice on the following:

Removal of a P.I.D/Tag
Damage to the strap
Force Required for Removal

Formedecon LTD has carried out dozens of examinat5ions of damaged and removed P.I.D’s. the examinations have included damage to the trapping, consideration of consistency with the version of events and commenting upon the force needed in removals. Our expert can look for defects and faults within the structure of the PID strapping. The team at Formedecon have carried out their own laboratory controlled tests involving the removal of P.I.D’s from individuals using varying strength, items and force.

Our expert in this field is Mr Andrew Stephens,


Whatever your case, if it involves a P.I.D (Tag), we can almost certainly help so give us a call on 01388 811003 or drop us an email at