Mr. Raymond H. Broadstock FFS

Mr, Raymond Broadstock FFS has forty years experience working within the fingerprint service.  He joined the Fingerprint Department of the Midland Criminal Record Office in 1964.  In 1971 he qualified as Fingerprint Expert.  Subsequent promotion to Deputy Section Leader followed in 1980 and full Section Leader in 1984.  In 1990, Ray was promoted to Head of Department, a position he held until his retirement in 1998.

After his retirement from the force, Ray has worked as a senior Fingerprint expert for Formedecon Ltd.  During his time within the force and working with Formedecon he has carried out hundreds of examination, written hundreds of reports and attended all types of Court all over the Country.

Ray is an active member of The Fingerprint Society which he joined in 1974.  During his time within the Society he has served in posts including Committee Member, Chairman of the Society, and President of the Society.

If you wish to contact Ray to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email