Road Traffic Incidents

Do you need advice one the following:

Collision Scene Assessment
Vehicle Examination
Non Digital Tachograph Analysis
VIN Cloning (“Ringers”)

Formedecon Ltd can carry out full scene examinations and assessments where road traffic collisions have occurred.  These include major and fatal RTC incidents.  The team can carry out complex calculations, take measurements, photographs and videos aswell as viewing and checking those of the Police and other experts.  They can carry out independent vehicle examinations to identify potential issues and faults including the mechanics of the vehicle. 

The expertise of the team also includes tachograph analysis on non digital graphs.  We can comment upon if the tachograph has been altered in anyway.   They can also examine vehicles for evidence of VIN Cloning, suspect “ringer” vehicles.  The expertise of the team includes speeding offences and speeding devices including fixed cameras and handheld speed guns.

The head of the team is Mr. John Griffin.  He is joined by Mr. Paul Baker, Mr. Paul Booth and Mr. Doug Boulton.

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