Here at Formedecon we have a team of experts including ex-Home Office scientists, former senior police officers and internationally recognized academics who undertake both prosecution and defence cases worldwide providing the best information in an impartial manner.

Here at Formedecon LTD we offer a comprehensive service in wide range of Forensic and Investigative disciplines which we have our own dedicated team of highley skilled and most profound experts for more information on any of our experts click the link at the top of the page.

Since Formedecon was founded in 1994 , the company and our experts have been involved in many high profile cases which included  a wide variety of the disciplines we offer.
Many of the cases have made the national and international news.  These include;

The Michael Sams murder Trial
The Marchioness Enquiry
The Michael Stone murder Trial
Birmingham Riots
Boxing Day murder in London
The disappearance of Charlene Downes
Evidence recovery in Spain involving a missing child
Woking in Dallas, USA overseeing investigation in a murder Trial
Very recent major arson investigations involving deaths of children
High Profile Firearms cases
Several recent murder Trials with Audio playing a major role
High profile sports persons cases involving alcohol

Andrew Stephens, our Scientific Director and alcohol expert was instrumental in bringing to notice the discrepancies of various breath alcohol cases due to flaws in certain Evidential Breath Testing Devices.