About Us

Formedecon Ltd was established in 1994 by our Scientific Director Andrew Stephens. Over the past 24 years we have grown and expanded with a team of forensic and technical experts who joined us from the now disbanded FSS, former senior Police officers and investigative officers and internationally recognised academics and lecturers who have undertaken prosecution, defence, civil and family matters worldwide. Over the years we have built up excellent working relationships with many Solicitors, Barristers, prosecution experts and laboratories and fellow forensic companies. We are completely independent and have no alliance with an other company ensuring there will never be a conflict of interest providing our clients a truly unbiased, personal service.

We welcome instructions from Solicitors whether cases are LAA funded or privately funded, Direct Access from Barristers as well as private companies and businesses alike for offer a professional and impartial service, writing comprehensive, clear and concise reports for use in Court and Tribunals, and regularly attend Court and hearings to give live evidence. Formedecon Ltd produce hundreds of in-depth reports and Section 9 Statements every year which prove invaluable in cases. Our evidence is often agreed by the Prosecution and the Courts negating the need and expense and the need for the expert to attend Trial.

Many of our experts lecture on University based postgraduate courses in forensic science and technical services such as fingerprints and scenes of crime. We also teach in the UK and abroad on many forensic training courses to fellow experts, Police forces and educational courses as well as been called upon as experts and technical advisors within the media.

Formedecon Ltd provide estimates free of charge and we always endeavour not to exceed these estimate provided no new evidence or information is supplied.

All of our experts are fully insured and vetted by our professional indemnify provider and only provide advise and opinions in areas in which they are fully qualified and experienced.

 For more information or for a free no obligation chat with any of our team, please do not hesitate to Contact Us