Forensic Services

Areas of Expertise

Arson & Explosives
Forensic Scientists
DNA & Bodyfluids
Alcohol BAC Calculations
Drink Drive Experts
Drugs & Toxicology
Drugs Drive Experts
Physical Fit & Trace Evidence
Forensic Scientists
CS & PAVA Spray
Footwear Impressions
Footwear Impression
Road Traffic Incidents
Control & Restraint
Blood Distribution
Drink Drive Procedures
Evidential Breath Testing Instrument Lion Intoxilyzer 6000UK
Document Examination
CCTV & Photography
Forensic Psychology
Fingerprint Examination
Crime Scene Investigation
Offensive Weapons
Firearms & Ammunition
Police Procedures
Signature Comparison
Glass Fragments
Forensic Scientists
PIDS (Tags)
Investigative Skills
Forensic Scientists
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If you require a quote from our Drink Drive Experts, Drug Drive Experts, DNA and Bodyfluids Experts, Forensic Scientists,Technical Experts or require a BAC Calcualtion then either drop us an Email or phone for help.. 

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