Technical Defences (OPL) Alcohol BAC Calculations including Post Driving Drinking and 'Laced' Drinks. 

Scientific calculations can be carried out to determine an individual's likely breath, blood or urine alcohol level either at the time of a test, time of driving or the time of an incident in an OPL defence.


An individual’s likely level can be calculated based purely upon recollections of what alcohol they consumed and calculating likely levels taking into account any unintended consumption, additional consumption (laced drinks) and post driving consumption, depending upon the circumstances of the case.  Post driving, hip flask and laced alcohol arguments make up a large part of the calculations we carry out for drink drive cases. These assist in showing whether an individual's alcohol level would be under the legal limit or lower at the time of the test, enabling a lower sentencing band.


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Drunk in Charge cases

Many individuals are charged with being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle, usually when parked in a car park at night or even on their own drive. The "statutory defence" to such a charge, is to show that an individual would not have driven until their alcohol level would have fallen below the legal limit. Unlike some experts, we will always ask when your client would have next driven, before we answer this question.  We do this to ensure we cannot be accused of "coaching", and risk jeopardising an individual’s case. We find this also strengthens our statements, which are generally then accepted.

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Alcohol level at the time of an incident

The level of alcohol in an individual or alleged victim at the time of a motoring incident, fight, sexual assault etc., may be extremely important to the actions taken by that individual at the time in question.


The likely alcohol level of the individual in question can often be estimated for a given time depending upon the information available either in the form of alcohol levels in drink drive cases, post mortem alcohol levels, blood samples taken in sexual assaults or pieced together from eye witness accounts or the statements given by victims.


We have been involved in many cases where the level of intoxication of a key witness, or victim in an incident, has caused the strength of their evidence to be questioned or even rejected.

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Challenge a reading

Sometimes you or your client simply want a calculation carried out to show what the alcohol reading should have been based upon known drink consumption.  

This is usual in cases where the defendant is adamant that they could not have been drunk based upon their intended drink consumption but cannot explain the level found at the time of the test.

If necessary, this can be taken further by carrying out tests on the individual concerned to see if they have an unusual alcohol physiology or we can investigate the test itself to check it was carried out in the correct manner.

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