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Transdermal Alcohol Bracelets

Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) have developed the Secure Continuous Remote Monitor (SCRAMTM) device that is fitted in the form of an ankle bracelet.

The SCRAM ankle bracelet makes use of a fuel cell for measuring the level of transdermal alcohol (alcohol that comes through the skin).  The fuel cell works by interacting with ethanol and producing an electrical signal.  The bracelets also have a number of security features, similar to PIDs to ensure that they are not removed nor have a sub-straight placed between them and the leg of the wearer.


It is known that the use of products such as cleaning fluids, aftershave, perfumes etc., which contain alcohol, can give a false positive for alcohol levels so each positive alert of the detection of ethanol is manually evaluated.

If you wish to have such evaluations checked or explained by one of our Forensic Scientists, then please contact Formedecon

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