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Road Traffic Incidents

Road Traffic Accident Investigation
Road Traffic Accident Investigation

Road Traffic Incidents



RTA Reconstruction

Scene Assessment

Vehicle Examination

Specialist Evidence Capture - Video & Photographs

CCTV Analysis & Evaluation

Technical and Calculation Evaluation

Incident Data Recorder Analysis

Speed Camera calculations

Microscopical examination of filament bulbs

DNA & Body Fluids to Identify Driver & Passengers

Drug Driving Experts and Alcohol BAC Calculations



The team at Formedeon are experienced in all aspects of road traffic collisions and carry out full scene and vehicle examinations, as well as evaluating technical evidence and video footage, produced by the prosecution, defence or claimant.

We can provide professional technical reports, video and photographic evidence, to assist in all cases of road traffic demeanour.  All provided in professional technical reports which cover all the required detail but explained in a manner to assist.


These can include complex calculations, scene measurements, sight lines, vehicle and driver behaviour and a full evaluation of the pertinent information in each individual case.

Using only highly experienced collision investigators who have been  working in this arena for a considerable period of time with numerous professional qualifications.

Sometimes the only independent "witness" to a collision maybe a recovered light bulb.  Showing whether the bulb was on or off at impact may be pivotal to determining the facts behind an incident.  Our microscopists can undertake this investigation.

Our RTA experts are supported by our Drink Drive Experts, Drug Drive Experts, DNA evidence & Bodyfluid Experts and Forensic Scientists who together with our Fingerprint Experts, CCTV Experts and Forensic Psychologists can comment upon the case as a  whole.




Road Traffic Accident Investigation
Road Traffic Reconstruction.
Speed Cameras
Fixed location speed cameras

We also check the calculations of fixed location speed cameras for a simple fixed fee and, if necessary, will visit the scene to check the road markings and signage etc for an agreed cost.

Speed Camera investigation
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