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Panic Attack

Panic Attack


Panic is an anxiety-based disorder and given the global pandemic which has caused untold death and distress it is not surprising to read the latest figures regarding levels of anxiety in the UK population. The office for national statistics released figures spanning the lockdown period, they showed that between 37% and 49% of the population were reporting high to very high levels of anxiety and these levels are significantly elevated when compared to 2019 figures. Did your client report following arrest or during the custodial procedures they suffered from a panic attack? Does CCTV evidence show distressed or disturbed behaviour within the custody suite which you believe is attributable to elevated anxiety or panic? If so contact our forensic psychologists for a thorough assessment of your clients anxiety and to confirm whether they meet the clinical threshold for diagnosis.

Panic Attack Forensic Psychology Expert Reports

For more information upon how to obtain an Expert Witness Report on a Panic Attack from our Forensic Psychologists contact Formedecon

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