Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology:


Criminal Justice,


Road Traffic Offences


Police Station Procedure

Do you have clients involved with the Criminal Justice, Road Traffic Offences or Police Station Procedure?
Are you seeking advice or opinion in respect to a psychological defence (medical reason) or specific mitigation?

  • Dangerousness

  • Personality

  • Offender Assessment/Risk

  • Fitness to be interviewed

  • Understanding procedure (Low IQ)

  • Failure to provide

  • Needle and blood phobia

  • Panic attacks or trauma related behaviour

  • Severe intoxication (alcohol or substances including medication)

  • Fear of public urination


Are you disputing a Police Station Procedure?

  • Risk Assessment

  • Administration of MGDD forms in respect to medical reason in Failure to Provide cases



Do you consider your client to exhibit unusual behaviour?

  • Forensic behavioural interpretation of CCTV evidence, obtained from community and police station recording equipment

  • Personality disorder or intoxication

  • Autistic

  • Learning Disability


At Formedecon we have a testing laboratory fully equipped with both LION and CAMIC Evidential Breath Testing Instruments; as used by Police Forces throughout the UK.  So if instructed, we can replicate the assessment procedure and provide forensic opinion through direct observation in a variety of circumstances.  

Together with our Forensic Scientists, Drink Drive Experts, Drug Drive Experts, DNA evidence & Bodyfluid experts, RTA specilists and others our Forensic Psychologists can help you build a comprehensive case on behalf of your client to enable you to get the best outcome for your client.  

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