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Forensic Tox

Forensic Toxicology


At Formedecon, not only will the results of any analyses carried out be reported, but a full interpretation of those results will also be reported allowing the reader to understand the effects of any substances detected, how those substances may have affected a person’s behaviour and whether or not an individual may have been affected at the relevant time. Where the analysis of any sample is not required or cannot be done because of the lack of availability of a sample then we can offer an interpretation of any findings that already exist.

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Forensic Toxicology
Drug Drive Expert

Effects of Controlled drugs on driving ability 

Interpretation of the findings of, for example, a Streamlined Forensic Report (SFR) where no interpretation is offered; i.e. are the findings within that report consistent with your client’s claims? 

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Effects of Medications and substances on drug tests


If you or your client believes that their drug test has been affected by a legal substance that they take, this can also be considered.

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Inadvertent drug interactions or unknown drug consumption

The consumption of drugs, illicit or prescribed can have an effect upon an individual at a given time i.e. an individual may believe that they have committed an offence that they would not ordinarily have done or may have no knowledge of that offence and believe that this is as a result of an interaction between their prescribed drugs and an illegal drug and/or alcohol.


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Driving whilst intoxicated
Drug Drive Expert
Drug Drive Expert
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assults

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assults (DFSAs)

A full analytical service can be offered in cases where a drug facilitated offence is alleged to have been committed, as well as the interpretation of any toxicology reports submitted in such cases. We can fully review any analytical work carried out by the prosecution, offer to carry out calculations for potential alcohol levels at a particular time to help determine the effects of intoxication at that time; although not as straight forward as alcohol, this may also be possible for some drugs. This service will help to establish the likelihood of a victim, or assailant, being affected by drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the alleged offence.

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Oue experts in DNA evidence and Bodyfluids can also advise on these types of cases.


Major Crimes (e.g. Murders and Assaults)


A similar service to that offered for sexual offences can be offered here to help answer any questions raised as to the likelihood of drugs or alcohol affecting the behaviour of the accused, or the victim, at the time of any such alleged offences.

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Forensic Toxicology
In Charge
Forensic Toxicology

Being drunk or under the influence of drugs whilst in charge of a minor.

Child Custody cases


We offer a comprehensive service to provide reports on all aspects of drugs, alcohol and medication usage, in civil or criminal proceedings where a guardian is charged with being over the limit whist in charge of a minor.


We also interpret the results of tests into alcohol and drug usage patterns which may be being disputed by your client and comment upon the significance of concentrations of drugs found in an individual to help determine if they may or may not have been addicted to that drug.

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Drugs supply

Supply of Drugs

If your client is charged with supply of drugs we can advise on such matters as​;

Drug Valuations, including yields 

Examination of drug packaging (see opposite) and paraphernalia.

DNA and bodyfluid link to drugs wraps

Handwritting on dealer or "tick" lists.

Fingerprints on dealer or "tick" lists.

Fingerprint link to drugs wrap

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Forensic Toxicology
Comparison of dealer bags under polarized light
Forensic Toxicology Driving whilst under the influence of Drugs

Dealing or Personal Use

Sometimes individuals are found with a relatively large amount of a drug and charged with supply.  However, drugs like many things are often cheaper if bought in bulk so some users buy in bulk to reduce their costs.  If your client has been charged with dealing but claims that they had bought several weeks “worth” of a drug, this can be and often is investigated by our Toxicologists to help show that the defendant’s claim could be correct.   

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