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CCTV Examination & Drink Drive Procedures & Protocol

More and more often the Drink Drive procedures conducted at the Police Station come into question.


  • Have the MGDD forms been completed correctly?

  • Were the correct questions asked of your client?

  • Were the instructions given incorrect or contradictory?


As a trained supervisor, Mr Andrew Stephens is familiar with the correct procedures and can advise on any such problems. Andrew can study the MGDD forms and the Custody suite CCTV footage to ensure correct procedures have been followed and carried out. Andrew can also check continuity of samples taken.

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Urine Test Procedure

Urine Alcohol Test Procedure

The urine alcohol test procedure is intended to give an accurate and reliable reading for alcohol in a suspect’s urine sample.  To ensure that this happens the procedure is for two samples to be taken within an hour of the request being made.  The first sample is disposed of and second urine sample is used for analysis.  The reason behind this is to ensure that urine collected in the bladder from earlier in the suspect’s drinking pattern does not contaminate their urine sample at the time of the test.  If, therefore, only one sample is collected or the suspect is told to fill two sample pots at one time, or to “stop and hold some back for the next one” or any of the many other variations we have come across over the years, that means the sample analysed was contaminated with earlier urine and the test result will not be reliable.


If you want the procedure checking by our drink drive expert to ensure your client’s result is reliable, contact us here.   

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