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Removal of a PID/Tag 

Damage to the strap

Force Required for Removal

Our forensic scientists have carried out dozens of examinations of damaged and removed PIDs.  Examinations have included damage to the strap, consideration of consistency with the version of events and commenting upon the force needed in removals. 

Our forensic scientists can look for defects and faults within the structure of the PID strap. The team at Formedecon have carried out their own laboratory controlled tests involving the removal of PIDs from individuals using varying strength, items and force

strap failure on PID
Physical Damage to Casing of PID

Some are not only subject to a curfew but also have their alcohol intake monitored, usually using a Secure Continuous Remote Monitor (SCRAMTM) device that is fitted in the form of an ankle bracelet.  If you need advice on these devices contact Formedecon

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