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In house alcohol elimination testing

At Formedecon we have two of of the three Type Approved Evidential Breath Testing devices used by the Police and a Roadside Screening Test device.


We were the first independent laboratory in the UK to be equipped with the Camic Datamaster and the Lion Intoxilyser 6000UK.


Andrew Stephens is qualified to supervisory level in the use of both devices. Using these we can test individual's alcohol elimination rates and check their general alcohol physiology. We have conducted many scientific arguments to prove that individuals with slow elimination rates would not have been over the legal limit had they eliminated alcohol at the "standard" rate.  See example below.


Each test is tailored on an individual case to case basis.  For more information about individual testing or for a quote for an Alcohol BAC calculation or an Alcohol Technical Defence Report contact our Drink Drive Experts.  We also work on Legal Aid cases.

Lion Intoxilyzer 6000UK at our office.  Drink Drive Expert Reports, Alcohol Back Calculation Reports, Legal Aid Cases
result from inhouse breath alcohol tests showing abnormal slow alcohol elimination rate Drink Drive Expert Reports, Alcohol Back Calculation Reports, Legal Aid Cases

How this was helpful to a real case

In this case the defendant had consumed alcohol the day before an incident.  Had he eliminated alcohol at the “standard” rate (green diamonds) he would have eliminated all the alcohol from his system prior to the incident.  In addition his account of his drinking was not credible.  However, we found his alcohol elimination rate was slow (red squares and blue triangles) and as a result the alcohol stayed in his system and above the legal limit for many hours longer than expected and his account “added up”. 


There was no way to predict this as the defendant was fit and health with no known health problems.  These findings resulted in an acquittal.

If this is something you or your client thinks will help his/her defence then contact our drink drive experts for advice.

Evidential v Screener

Why choose to use Formedecon?

At Formedecon we strive to ensure we provide the best possible evidence to assist your or your clients case.  To this end we have our own inhouse Evidential Breath Testing Instruments which we keep fully calibrated in line with National Guidelines. 


There are some companies and experts who will use screening devices to investigate alcohol elimination rates as are “good enough” and are considerably cheaper to buy and keep calibrated.  The graph opposite shows a case in which we plotted an individual’s actual alcohol reading using our Evidential device (red diamonds) against his expected results (green circles) had he been “standard” and  also against a calibrated police grade screening device (blue triangles) that the defendant had bought himself and just had calibrated by the manufactures.  You can see how erratic the screening results were.

To learn more contact our drink drive experts 

Results of inhouse breath alcohol testing Drink Drive Expert Reports, Alcohol Back Calculation Reports, Legal Aid Cases
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