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Physical Fit and Trace Evidence

Fibre Comparison
Glass, Paint, Soil & Hair Comparison 

Tool marks

We all leave marks or debris behind us when we have interacted with a location.  Traditional Microscopy allows trace items such as hairs, fibres and paint flakes, or tool marks or other contact marks to be compared to hair from an individual person or animal, fibre from an item of clothing or a rope or twine or a contact mark left by a tool of some type or a shoe on a surface it has come into contact with or walked across.


Our Forensic Scientists are supported by experts in DNA evidence & Bodyfluids as well as Fingerprint, Footwear Impression and CCTV experts to consider the whole story or a scene.  


For help and advise on any of the above give us a call or email us 

Fibres left at the scene of a crine
Striations left by use of tool
Forensic analysis of toolmarks
Forensic analysis of Broken Glass
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