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Investigative Skills


Insurance Claims

Liability Assessment

Employment Tribunals

Fraudulent Claims

Money Laundering

Proceeds of Crime

Offensive Weaponry

At Formedecon , we offer a varied and divers range of services which fall outside the range of "normal forensics".

Our team on Ex Police Officers, Military and Home Office experts can investigate cases such as Evasion of Duty on cigarettes, and/or alcohol, Money Laundering and corruption, Proceeds of Crime, Confirmation of what constitutes Illegal weaponry and much more.

Out team also frequently undertake instructions to determine the whereabouts of individuals or witnesses and attend at any location to take witness statements.

These services are supported by our Forensic Scientists, DNA & Bodyfluid experts together with our experts in Drugs & Toxicology, Alcohol, Fingerprints, Psychology, RTA Reconstruction, etc. 

Folding Knife
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