Andrew Stephens BSc, C.BIOL, MI.Biol, MRSC, FFSSoc

Experience in Alcohol related cases
Experience in Handwriting and Document Analysis
Experience in Examination of P.I.D's (tags), Physical Fit, Toolmarks and Plastic Bags


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Experience in Alcohol related cases:

Andrew Stephens has worked solely as a forensic scientist since 1989. He has prepared reports and Section 9 statements involving BAC calculations and, when required, given evidence in both Magistrates and Crown Courts.  His expertise includes breath, blood and urine in individuals. He is fully trained and has run the Camic Datamaster, Lion Intoximeter 3000, Lion Intoxilyzer 6000UK and Intoximeter EC/IR evidential breath testing devices many hundreds of times during test conditions.  He has published a paper on the Camic Datamaster and the minimum lung function required to provide a sample of breath for analysis in the Journal of the Forensic Science Society together with other related articles and papers. He has also carried out tests mouth alcohol and the effects of various medical conditions and medications upon an individual's ability to metabolise alcohol. He has acted upon the instructions of the Crown solicitor in relation to fatal levels of alcohol and provides evidence on a regular basis for both the prosecuting authorities and defence solicitors. Mr Stephens also gave evidence on alcohol metabolism in the Marchioness enquiry.

Mr Stephens has lectured as part of the FAGIN course, a course for police surgeons to gain their DMJ, on breath, blood and urine alcohol levels along with the various methods of analysis, problems and the procedures involved. He has also lectured to students taking BSc in Forensic Science at the University of Teesside and since 1997 / 1998 has lectured at Kings College London on alcohol metabolism and the evidential breath test devices as part of the MSc course in Forensic Science. Mr Stephens has also lectured on alcohol metabolism and related matters on a forensic course run by the University of Southern Mississippi.

Mr Stephens has also supervised MSc students on their three month practical assignments from both Kings College London and the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.


Experience in Handwriting and Document Analysis

In additions to his work in alcohol, Andrew has been involved in ongoing research projects both in house and in conjunction with local universities in document analysis.  Mr Stephens also supervises student projects, into areas of document and handwriting analysis, related to both BSc and MSc degrees in forensic science.  He has studied thousands of hand-written and machine generated documents together with forged driving licences, passports, bank notes and other forged documents. He has been invited as a guest speaker to lecture on his work with documents on various occasions including to the Forensic Science Society.  He has also lectured on courses in forensic document analysis at Universities in the UK and the USA.  He has also given evidence and been accepted in civil and criminal courts as an expert witness.  He has worked on the instructions of solicitors, insurance companies, trade unions, chartered accountants, health authorities, professional associations, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Probation Service, Police Forces and other private companies and individuals in the UK, Middle East, Africa and the USA.

He has been thanked by the Home Office Forensic Science Service, Document section, for demonstrating a new Microscopical technique for document analysis.  This technique formed the basis of a lecture that Mr Stephens was invited to give at the Royal Society, London.

Mr Stephens has worked on cases varying from the Michael Sams murder Trial to international fraud cases involving tens of millions of pounds. 


Experience in PID’s (Tags) and Toolmarks

Andrew has carried out examinations of PID devices (Tags) for signs of removal and defects. 
His investigations have included him carrying out his own controlled testing on PID’s applying varying force to show needed for removal and damage. 

Andrew has also carried out hundreds of examinations involving plastic material, foils and paper for physical matches and fit, including drugs wrap.  His experience includes the taking of casts in toolmarks cases and scene examination at the point of alleged entry.  

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