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Fingerprint Identification
Assessment of Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprint Retrieval
Allegations of fingerprint planting and forgery

The fingerprint team at Formedecon Ltd have carried out thousands of cases involving fingerprint, palm print and even ear-print evidence! 

We have significant experience in examination of prints for identification of suspects and used location of prints to show the direction of movement of someone through a crime scene. Fingerprints can also be used to determine a manner in which a document has been handled and have been involved in cases where the positioning of fingerprints associated with questioned signatures forms the basis of defence and led to acquittals.  Our experts can attend and take prints from individuals when required, obtain prints from exhibits and carry out a full comparison.

The head of our team is Mr. Steve Bonnington. He is joined by Mr. Raymond Broadstock.  Between the experts they have decades of experience and knowledge to help you get the best evidence for your client’s case.

Whatever your case, we can almost certainly help so give us a call on 01388 811003 or drop us an e-mail at