Mobile Phone & SIM Card Interrogation

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Data Retrieval from Handset or SIM cards;
Calls Log
Image & video
Memory card data
Data can be extracted from the three main parts of the mobile phone; the SIM Card, removable memory cards and the handset itself.

Extraction and transcription of text messages including a complete manual extraction of all text messages, incoming and outgoing organised into chronological order to enable an easy
understanding of the activity on the mobile handset.

Call Registers
A list of all of the calls made and received by this handset and SIM card.  It can include dialled calls, received calls, and missed calls.  Some handset models will include data such as date and time.

Contact Lists
A comprehensive list of all of the saved ADN (Abbreviated Dialling Numbers) from the handset memory and the SIM Card can be obtained.

Received images and images taken with an integrated camera can be identified individually. Images taken with an integrated camera may include metadata which can identify the time and date the image was recorded. All images can be provided in an album for ease of viewing.

Video, audio and other stored data
Video, audio and other stored data files can be extracted.  This data can be supplied as printed images or in the case of audio or video onto a CD or DVD.

SIM Cards
Comprehensive data download including deleted text messages (SMS) and last dialled numbers.

Removable Memory Cards
Many modern handsets now incorporate removable memory cards like Mini or Micro SD or similar.  These cards can hold a huge amount of data which may be relevant to a case. This can include photographs, audio files and video clips.  This data can be supplied as printed images or in the case of audio or video, onto a CD or DVD.


Our expert in this field is Mr. Howard Little.  He has several years experience and carried out thousands of Mobile handset and SIM card interrogations in both criminal and civil matters.
All of our forensic examiners adhere strictly to "The Good Practice Guide for Computer Based Electronic Evidence" as published by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers).

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