Mr. Peter Franks LLB (Hons)

Peter Franks LLB (Hons) has been involved with firearms and ammunition for over 30 years. He served with the West Midlands Police Force for 26 years, for the majority of that time as a Firearms Instructor. He was responsible for ‘Counter Terrorist/Counter Criminal Operations and Training. As part of these duties, Peter was required to test and trial various weapons and ammunition. This included non-lethal weapons such as Baton Guns and associated ammunition as well as CS irritant. Also within his remit, was the development of tactics for these various weapons for use in firearms operations.

Peter has trained various police and military units from not only the UK but from around the world, for example the USA, Italy, Holland and Japan.

Peter has been involved in the design and development of specialist equipment such as ballistic shields, ballistic helmets and assault ladders and assisted in the design and development of 9mm ammunition for use in hostage rescue situations. Given advise on weapons design by Heckler and Koch and SIG and also ammunition for use in these weapons. He has attended armourers courses with Smith & Wesson, Parker Hale and Heckler & Koch and ‘proof tested’ ‘specialist ammunition’ at Birmingham Proof House. Peter has been actively involved with the development of MOE (Methods of Entry) equipment and is qualified to instruct and have instructed in the use of that equipment, including ‘shortened shotguns’ with ‘specialist frangible ammunition.’ Peter has been involved in the design and development of ‘specialist equipment’ and tactics for boarding ships at sea as well as ships alongside (in port).

Peter has assisted with projects and report on ‘Body Armour’ and the penetrative capabilities of projectiles, for example ‘Body Armor’ Standards a Review and Analysis’ by Alexander Jason and Martin L Fackler MD, at the Centre for Ballistic Analysis, Pinole, California 94564 USA.  Co-written and proof read books on the above subjects, for example for Greenhill Book Publishing – ‘Hostage Rescue Tactics and Techniques’ by Leroy Thompson, in 2011 I was involved in writing a book entitled ‘Who Killed Hammarskjold’ by Dr Susan Williams. Also advised and appeared on TV programmes in the UK for example 3BM production for Channel 4 – ‘Who Killed the Red Baron’ also in the USA for the ‘History Channel’ – ‘The Gun and It’s Development.’ All of these programmes involving firearms and ballistics.

Peter has been subject to CS irritant on numerous occasions and I have deployed CS irritant on numerous occasions.  Throughout his career, from time to time, tested and instructed various ‘electronic – stun – guns’, used them and been subjected to them, and is well versed in their capabilities and effects.

Peter has been involved in numerous ‘live’ firearms operations during some 26 years with the police force and indeed up to the present time. He continues to train and instruct on various firearms tactics as well as ballistic matters to various ‘bona fide’ police, military and other units around the world.

Over the last few years spent some time advising Universal Studios on security issues in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina during their making of the movie ‘Miami Vice.’ At present (2013), Peter is assisting on a Ridley Scott Movie ‘Child 44’ in Prague, with advice on firearms, tactics and training the actors in the use of firearms.  

He is accredited with the ‘Bar Vocational Council’ to provide courses on ‘Firearms and Ballistics’ and the law relating to the same to the ‘Bar.’  He is also a qualified solicitor as well as an expert witness.

If you wish to contact Peter to discuss any matter, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01388 811003 or email